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At what age should I get Botox®?


Genetics, along with exposure to the sun and pollutants can affect how early you may see wrinkles. Some see wrinkles they would like to correct as early as their twenties. Most men and women desire the obvious “short-term” (usually 3 months) effects of Botox® to correct these wrinkles.


However in many cases, wrinkles can actually go away entirely after many months to years of consistent usage. And, because of the muscle paralysis, wrinkles can be prevented before they even develop. 

For this reason, we see many patients at our Evansville, Indiana office who want to begin Botox treatments as both a preventer and corrector.

You can think of your skin as a shirt. Years of continuous wear on your shirt will make it less and less like new each year. Every time you smile, laugh and frown, you are putting that same sort of wear on your skin. Botox is like hanging your shirt to keep it smooth and free from adding more wrinkles. Make sense? 

Just like hanging a shirt, Botox allows your skin to be free from movement, smoothing your wrinkles while maintaining a very natural look, at any age.

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