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Youth, beauty, and health are all associated with well-defined, full, or plump lips. The natural aging process causes our lips to lose volume over time, becoming thinner and creating a more aged look. Lip enhancement procedures, whether temporary or permanent, are a great option for returning our face to its natural, youthful look. These procedures are simple and safe, and they can almost always be performed under local anesthesia or sedation in our Evansville, Indiana facial plastic surgery office.

The patient’s own body tissue (fat) is often used in the lip enhancement procedure to plump lips and accentuate their natural outline. If Dr. Paik determines this type of fat injection isn’t right for you, other safe tissue fillers (Restylane® or Juvederm) may be used. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to perform a surgical lip lift procedure. Dr. Paik is happy to discuss these options and answer any questions you may have about lip enhancement during your initial consultation.

Temporary Lip Enhancement

One of the simplest ways to enhance the appearance of your lips is through popular injectable fillers like Restylane® or Juvederm®. Although these fillers are temporary, results often last nine months or longer. While both options are great, Restylane Kysse is the preferred treatment for many patients of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. This injectable is a hyaluronic acid based filler that is simple to administer, enhances and hydrates the lips, and our patients have seen results that last up to 12 months.

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Permanent Lip Enhancement

For those patients seeking a more permanent solution to lip enhancement, Dr. Paik offers surgical options that utilize the patient’s own native tissue. Using tiny incisions that are nearly invisible, Dr. Paik can collect the patient’s fat tissue or SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) tissue and reintroduce it into the lips. This procedure increases volume, softness, and a natural, fuller look.

Lip Lift

Sometimes the upper lip can lengthen to such a degree that it completely covers the upper row of teeth. In these circumstances, Dr. Paik may recommend a lip lift. This procedure shortens the area between the nose and upper lip, accentuating the red (vermillion) border of the lip. When a lip lift is performed, a small section of skin beneath the nose is removed to lift and recontour the upper lip. In some cases, Dr. Paik may instead recommend removing a thin section of the skin above the lip. For those patients who desire the “Cupid’s Brow” contour, Dr. Paik can taper the incision to achieve this effect.

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If you aren't sure you're ready for a permanent surgical procedure, you may be interested in seeing what non-surgical options are available at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery! Click here to learn more, or call our office at 812-469-3434.

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