Nose Surgery

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The nose is the center of the face. Because its shape, size, and overall look provides one of the most defining characteristics we have, slight size and shape alterations of the nose can greatly influence the harmony of the rest of our facial features. Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a procedure used to create a well-proportioned nose. Dr. Paik makes alterations that accentuate the inherent beauty of your face. By examining features such as chin projection, he is able to fully balance the facial features and help you achieve the aesthetic you desire.

Procedure Details

Nose surgery can take several different forms based on your individual profile and goals. Regardless of how it is performed, nearly all the incisions made during rhinoplasty are invisible since they are made inside the nose. For some, there may be an incision made in the skin separating the nostrils. After the initial incision, Dr. Paik lifts the skin to manipulate the bone and nasal cartilage to form a proportionate, well-defined, and complementary shape. After the desired shape is achieved, the skin is re-draped over its new framework and the incision is closed. As the body’s natural healing process begins, a nose splint may be applied to maintain the new shape and appearance. During this time, soft materials may also be applied inside the nose to expand the air passage and support the healing structure. Certified anesthesiologists administer general anesthesia or deep sedation to keep you comfortable and safe during the procedure.
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Post-Surgery Details

In order to ensure the quickest healing possible, patients should keep their head elevated and refrain from blowing their nose following the surgery. Aside from the supporting splint and absorbable sutures, there is no other packing used in the nose itself. A week following your procedure, the splints will be removed and Dr. Paik will provide you with further instructions to maximize healing.
*Please note: Dr. Paik does not perform revision surgery on other surgeons’ rhinoplasties.

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