Surgical FAQs

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Anytime you’re considering altering your appearance, it’s natural to have some level of anxiety. To help put our patients at ease, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions for facial plastic surgery. Please expand each question below to see the answer, or call our office at 812-469-3434 with any other questions you may have.
We’ve all seen examples of plastic surgery, Botox®, or other common procedures gone awry. Dr. Paik recognizes that while you may want to recapture your youthful glow, you want to do it in a way that still makes you look like you. To achieve this desire, he uses his expertise to enhance your appearance while maintaining your unique look. Some of the best compliments our patients hear include:
  • “You look great! Are you doing something different with your hair?”
  • “What skin cream did you start using?”
  • “You must have just come back from vacation!”
Safety is the primary concern for both our patients and staff at our Evansville, Indiana office. All surgery includes certain risks, but due to the expertise of Dr. Paik and our team, the chance of significant complication is very low. We will make sure that you’re fully aware of any risks ahead of time and will address any concerns you may have regarding your facial plastic surgery. Dr. Paik only operates in accredited surgery facilities and has facial plastic surgery hospital privileges.
Though you may need a small support group to assist you with minor tasks, the majority of our patients recover at home comfortably. Dr. Paik will take into consideration the intensity of your surgery, your personal preferences, and any medical history when recommending any more attentive care, including a prolonged hospital stay, visiting nurse, or aftercare facility.
Like with any surgical procedure, some level of discomfort is typical and should be expected. If pain medication is needed following the procedure, Dr. Paik will discuss your options with you and provide the best solution for your needs. Many patients find that following the procedure, it takes just a few days before over-the-counter pain medications are sufficient in handling any residual discomfort.
While this answer depends on the extent of the procedure(s) being performed, the general rule we use is to refrain from work for one to two weeks after minor surgery, or two to three weeks for more extensive or multiple surgeries. Any strenuous physical activity should be avoided during the postoperative period, and any further instructions will be provided by Dr. Paik and our team.
We recognize that facial plastic surgery can feel like a big step, but don’t worry! To address the issues you seek to correct, there is now a large variety of non-surgical options that may help you achieve your desired aesthetic. Many of these options, such as dermal fillers or chemical peels, are temporary and can be completed in a few hours with essentially no recovery time. Review our Non-Surgical page to learn more. Dr. Paik is also more than happy to discuss these options with you during your consultation.
Dr. Paik is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. His surgical experience includes a fellowship at Mercy Facial Plastic Surgery and University of Missouri under the tutelage of Dr. Keith LaFerriere, an internationally recognized leader in the field of facial plastic surgery. He has published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, The Bulletin, Ear Nose Throat Journal, and has given presentations at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Annual Meeting, the Midwest Head and Neck Cancer Consortium, and a number of other venues. Visit the About page of our website to learn more about Dr. Paik, his credentials, and the rest of the Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery team.

Once you schedule your procedure, Dr. Paik will go over any and all pre-surgery requirements. These requirements will depend on what type of procedure(s) you are receiving, but some general guidelines include:

Take a daily multivitamin, but limit Vitamin E intake

Stop taking Vitamin E and other herbal supplements two weeks prior to surgery

Stop smoking as soon as possible before surgery

Limit sun exposure with the use of sunscreen, hats, facial coverings, or other measures

Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications two weeks prior to surgery

Complete any planned weight loss within approximately ten pounds of the weight you plan to maintain 

Facial plastic surgery has moved out of the “elite” class of commodities and is now an option within the grasp of the average-income household. Depending on the extent and specifics of the procedure you’ve chosen, the price may vary greatly. However, many of the procedures offered at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery in Evansville are now covered through insurance. Please consult with your insurance company to determine which services and procedures may be covered.

The best time to consider these fees is during your initial consultation. It is extremely difficult to provide an accurate quote without knowing the specifics of your health and the results you wish to achieve.

The best method of determining what procedure or treatment will provide you with the cost-effective results you desire is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paik. We look forward to discussing your options when it comes to this exciting decision! 

With his years of experience and training, Dr. Paik is uniquely qualified to recommend the best steps for you to take to address your signs of aging and areas of concern. At your consultation, he will ask you questions regarding your health and aesthetic goals. There is no “catch-all” procedure with facial plastic surgery; your procedure or treatment plan will be tailor-made to best achieve the results you desire.

We offer comprehensive facial plastic surgery services