Non-Surgical FAQs

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Anytime you’re considering altering your appearance, it’s natural to have some level of anxiety. To help put our patients at ease, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions for non-surgical. Please expand each question below to see the answer, or call our office at 812-469-3434 with any other questions you may have.

When performed by a trained and experienced facial plastic surgeon or aesthetic nurse practitioner, non-surgical treatments are safe. It’s important that you visit a highly experienced medical practice specializing in facial aesthetic procedures with a clean environment where your needs and aesthetic goals will be assessed.

Recovery times depend on the specific non-surgical procedure a patient receives, but most range from no downtime to up to two weeks. Typical symptoms include redness and discoloration. Dr. Paik and Shay Glisson, FNP-BC, our aesthetic nurse practitioner, will ask you about any downtime requirements in your consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Choosing a facial plastic surgery practice offers a safer, more regulated experience provided by our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Learn more about the benefits in our blog post.

Non-surgical procedures are performed by Dr. Paik or Shay Glisson, FNP-BC, our aesthetic nurse practitioner, under the supervision of our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Trained members of our team may also assist in the administration of some non-surgical procedures.
Non-surgical procedures are not typically covered by insurance.
The cost of Botox or Dysport is determined by the number of units a patient receives. Our team will discuss cost and the recommended number of units during your consultation.

Dr. Young Paik and Shay Glisson, FNP-BC, our aesthetic nurse practitioner, specialize in facial injections and non-surgical treatments offered at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. Shay has trained directly under our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Young Paik. She has the expertise to provide comprehensive facial aesthetic treatments at our state-of-the-art clinic. You can learn more about Shay and her credentials here.

Many of our procedures are available in a package format designed to provide patients with optimal results. During your consultation, we will assess your needs and aesthetic goals to craft the best treatment plan or package for you.
During your consultation, we will discuss your areas of concern to better understand your aesthetic goals. After this step, we will create an ethical treatment plan that is designed to help you achieve the overall look you desire.
We take a conservative approach when administering Botox or Dysport, only using the amount needed to smooth fine lines and lift skin without altering the shape of your face. While the effects of excessive Botox or Dysport and filler usage is seen on social media and television, this is not our treatment style since our goal is always to have natural results.

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