Chin Surgery

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Chin surgery is a surgical procedure that restores harmony to facial features for people with weak or receding jawlines. To achieve this effect, the chin is compared against the nose and then made larger or smaller. In many circumstances, Dr. Paik may suggest combining nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or facial liposuction with chin surgery to create a more dramatic improvement to the balance of the face.

Chin surgery is achieved through the use of chin implants or by moving the facial bones. The incisions made to insert these implants are hidden, and scarring is not noticeable. The standard incision is disguised from view, as it is made just below the chin along the skin crease. A precise pocket is created for the chin implant, and the implant is positioned into the chin to improve the projection and shape. During your initial consultation, Dr. Paik will help you select the type and size of chin augmentation that will best improve your appearance and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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