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The earliest signs of aging often occur in the brow, forehead, and upper eyelids. Wrinkling and scowl lines between the eyebrows are caused by frowning or furrowing the brow, while lateral hoods are formed when loose skin hangs over the outside corner of the eyes. Drooping eyebrows may also create an aged appearance. A brow or forehead lift addresses these issues by smoothing frown lines and forehead wrinkling and correcting sagging skin in the eyebrows and eyelids to create a more vibrant and awakened appearance.

The Procedure

A brow or forehead lift starts with several small incisions in the scalp. The tissues of the forehead are first loosened from the scalp and then elevated, smoothing the skin on the forehead and tightening the skin in the brow and eyelid areas. The new location of the brows are sutured to the underlying deep structures for stability. Dr. Paik favors the temporal brow lift, which results in a natural and aesthetically pleasing shape and lift to the brows.

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Patients should expect some discoloration and puffiness after surgery, with most swelling occurring in the first few days after surgery. Bruises and swelling should disappear completely within two weeks, but strenuous activity should be avoided for up to a month.

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