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As time goes on, our skin inevitably begins to show signs of aging. Collagen, a crucial protein responsible for the structure and glow of our skin, naturally depletes as we age. This depletion can cause wrinkles, sagging, and overall loss of volume in our skin. With the help of collagen biostimulators, our patients can regain lost volume and achieve skin tightening.

What is a Biostimulator?

A collagen biostimulator is a substance injected into the deep dermis, the middle layer of the skin. Once injected, this substance rapidly increases collagen production. Results are generally visible within a few months after the initial treatment and last up to two years or longer.
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How Does it Work?

Biostimulators can activate collagen stimulating cascade by utilizing stem cells derived from blood drawn during a procedure or utilize small microparticles that are reconstituted in sterile water and then injected into the deep dermis to stimulate collagen. Gradually, the collagen stimulator will replace the structural support that was previously depleted, actively reducing signs of aging.

What Results Can You Expect?

Collagen biostimulators activate and promote the body’s ability to produce collagen, restoring the structure of the skin from the inside out. Patients of Dr. Paik and Shay Glisson, FNP-BC, who receive biostimulator injections at our Evansville, Indiana office notice a renewal of the natural firmness and volume of their skin.

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Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and EZGEL

Platelet Rich Fibrin and EZGEL PRF are two of the newest blood concentration therapies that can provide patients with young and fresh-looking skin.
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How does PRF work?

Platelet Rich Fibrin can be used as a topical application or an injectable treatment that uses the patient’s blood to diminish the appearance of facial imperfections. This blood concentration uses collagen stimitulating platelets, white blood cells, fibrin, stem cells, and transforming growth factors for rejuvenation. This can be used to improve skin complexion as well as tighten skin and improve fine wrinkles. Since PRF comprises of stem cell aggregates, it can also be injected and topical applied during microneedling for the treatment of thinning or loss of hair on the scalp.

EZGEL PRF takes things one step further: it is a natural filler that can be injected comprising of a patient’s own stem cells and albumin solution for adding additional volume and promoting collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles of the face.

How does EZGEL PRF work?

EZGEL PRF is a 100% natural gel, obtained by heating up Albumin after centrifugation of the patient’s blood sample. The heated albumin acts as a natural filler that is then mixed with Platelet Rich Fibrin and then goes through another heating and cooling process, all without any chemical additives or modifications made to create a natural filler that can then be injected. Since this is completely natural and the patient’s own blood products, this is biocompatible without risk of any rejection or allergy.
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What are the Benefits?

PRF and EZGEL PRF is a natural treatment that has many benefits, including:

  • Wounds heal more quickly
  • Visible reduction of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Increased hair growth


Sculptra is another type of collagen stimulator offered at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery that renews the look of your skin in a gradual, natural, and long-lasting way. The results work beautifully to soften skin or add volume while flattering the natural highlights of the face and body. Not only can it boost volume to the facial tissues but also results in skin tightening.

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How does it work?

The active ingredient in Sculptra is poly-L-Lactic acid (PLLA). This biodegradable substance, traditionally used in dissolvable stitches, is naturally produced by body muscle during exercise, which means it has minimal chance of causing an allergic reaction. When injected into the deep layers of the skin, Sculptra stimulates your skin’s own natural collagen production. Biostimulators like Sculptra can last several years, as opposed to dermal fillers that provide instant results and last only months.

What Results Can You Expect?

Because this substance utilizes your body’s natural function, the results of this treatment will happen gradually – typically over three to four sessions to achieve desired results. Most patients experience results lasting two years or longer.
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If you would like to learn more about PRF, EZGEL, Sculptra, or any of our other biostimulators, contact Dr. Paik and Shay Glisson, FNP-BC, today!