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4 Easy Steps To Healthier Skin This Winter

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Summer is long gone. And, with the warm days behind us, colder days are inevitable. For many of us, when those chilly, winter days return, so does our dry, cracked and flaky skin. We understand how frustrating this can be, so we’re sharing 4 easy steps you can take this winter to help keep your skin softer and smoother.

Be Leery of Too Much Heat

Contrary to popular belief, too much heat can actually dry out skin. Be sure not to spend too much time next to the fireplace as you try to keep warm and try to limit your hot showers to no more than about 10 minutes. All this excess heat can dry your skin out even more as well as cause breakouts on your face.

Purchase the Right Moisturizer

Dry, flaky and/or cracked skin is a common occurrence in the winter, so it’s important that you keep your skin moisturized with a reliable cream or lotion. However, you need to keep in mind that not all creams and lotions are created equal. It’s important to scan the labels before you buy, and look for effective ingredients like hyaluronic or ceramides. Such ingredients help to penetrate the skin and lock in moisture preventing premature aging. And at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe that EltaMD products are perfect for maintaining healthy skin. Check out our selection of EltaMD products here to find the moisturizer that works best for you.

Take a Break From Foaming Cleansers

When cold weather returns, it’s best to stay away from soapy, foaming cleansers because they tend to dry out the skin even more. Instead, try using a creamier, milky cleanser or one with oil to keep the skin hydrated. Our EltaMD Deep Pore Facial Cleanser works perfectly in helping you maintain that youthful glow while still keeping your skin moisturized.  

Don’t Over-Scrub Your Face

Finally, if you like to use facial scrub brushes, you may want to limit your use to only once every couple of weeks during winter months. Scrubbing the skin too much can dry out your skin even more and cause it to feel rough or even flake.

These tips can help you improve your winter-weather skin at home. If you’re looking for stronger results, we offer in-office treatments that assist in smoothing dry skin, including microdermabrasion, as well as other treatments to improve skin tone and tightness of the skin on your face and neck.

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