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Article Published on Dr. Paik’s Approach to Neck Rejuvenation

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Dr. Young Paik Publishes Medical Article Addressing Advanced Facelift Procedure for the Aging Neck.

A sagging or droopy neck can change the look of your whole face. With a facelift, patients can see a dramatic difference in the lift of excess skin, and a smoother, younger look throughout their face and neck. 

Correcting a sagging neck is an important part of a facelift surgery but can sometimes be especially challenging. This is why our very own Dr. Young Paik of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, utilizes an innovative approach to neck rejuvenation called the complete corset platysmaplasty procedure, and has published an article on the subject. A complete corset platysmaplasty procedure is performed as part of a facelift and produces optimal results in neck rejuvenation, even in those with extremely loose neck skin.

Dr. Paik and his fellowship director, Dr. Keith LaFerriere of Mercy Facial Plastic Surgery, published this article in Facial Plastic Surgery Journal, a medical publication focused on specifically aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery on the head, neck, and face. The article is entitled: Complete corset platysmaplasty: evolution of addressing the aging neck, indexed in PubMed.

The procedure is performed a lot like it sounds. The same effect a corset has to a woman’s body is replicated in the surgery to the muscle that lies below the neck. The outcome? A tighter, more defined neck – the result you are looking for with lasting effect.

This approach to addressing the neck surgery during a facelift has produced greater satisfaction with immediate improvement after surgery, as well as satisfying long-term results, when compared to traditional methods.

If you would like to see patient results, Dr. Paik is happy to show before and after photos at your consultation.

LaFerriere KA, Paik YS. Complete Corset Platysmaplasty: Evolution of Addressing the Aging Neck. Facial Plast Surg. 2014. Vol 30(4):431-7.