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How to Prepare for Consultation

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Consultation is one of the most important parts of your facial plastic surgery journey, but many patients are unsure of where to begin their preparation. To get the most out of your next consultation, here are some questions and answers to help you be more prepared.

What Should I Know Before Consultation?

You don’t have to be completely decided on facial plastic surgery or a procedure before scheduling your consultation. Meeting with a surgeon may help you decide whether you’re ready for the commitment or not. Be sure to also know your medical record and medications you’re taking—it is imperative that your surgeon knows about these before any type of procedure is carried out. Be aware of your goals for surgery and have realistic expectations. A skilled surgeon can drastically improve a patient’s overall look, but it’s a misconception that you can simply pick out a feature from a celebrity or catalog and ask for a replica.

What Should I Do Before Consultation?

Just like a job interview, you do have some responsibilities before your consultation. Prior to selecting a surgeon, research the procedure you desire. Once you know more about the procedure, ask around and research surgeons online. After you decide whom you’d like to meet with, familiarize yourself with the prospective surgeon along with their website and practice. It may be difficult to completely trust a surgeon you haven’t met, but that is why consultation is so important – it will give you the opportunity to understand a surgeon’s principles and see if they align with your goals. Finally, make sure to keep a list of questions you’d like to ask—this ensures you won’t forget anything or have to schedule another consultation.

What Should I Do at the Consultation?

Your most important job during your consultation is to be honest and ask questions. Bring your list, and be sure you clearly understand each answer the surgeon gives you. You can learn from both the surgeon’s answers and their demeanor and attitude. Do they make you feel comfortable? Inspire confidence? Are they really listening? It’s your job to also listen closely to the expectations they describe for you. Ask to see before and after photos. These images will provide you with an example of the surgeon’s skill level and may raise more questions that you hadn’t thought of before. Finally, remember to share all medical records and lists of medications with the surgeon.

Consultation can be intimidating, but if you follow this guide, you’ll be sure to have a successful meeting and leave confident with your facial plastic surgery decision.