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“I would recommend Dr. Paik to anyone” Facelift Patient Testimonial

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Deciding on a facelift

I had already been thinking about getting a facelift when my husband was referred to Dr. Paik at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery for a procedure to remove skin cancer on his nose.

Everything about the process was impressive. Dr. Paik is so personable and skilled. The healing process went really well and my husband looks great. You cannot tell that anything has been done.

Getting a facelift was not about vanity for me.

I like myself but I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I looked tired and that didn’t fit who I am. I’m energetic. I’m active. I’m fun. 

Dr. Paik’s process helped me decide.

Dr. Paik and I talked about options. He showed me potential results with a really neat tool using digital photographs and enhancement. After he did the before and after computerization, I knew.

“That’s it. That’s the me I want to see in the mirror.”

Surgery is a scary thing. I was worried about looking natural, but after seeing my husband’s results, then having the consultation and seeing the computerized before + after, I had great confidence in Dr. Paik.

No one believes I had work done.

The healing process was just as expected. I did everything Dr. Paik told me to do. He saw me for consultations to make sure everything was healing smoothly. At the end of four weeks, everything was perfectly fine.

I was very impressed that Dr. Paik adheres to the natural look, as he says he does. I have no qualms about saying I’ve had cosmetic surgery. But the thing is – people don’t believe me!

I had my high school reunion four months after my facelift. I heard so many compliments about looking great. I didn’t do this surgery for the vanity, but it did mean a lot to me. It was nice to receive the compliments. 

One man said to me, “I can’t get over how great you look.” I said, “I’ve had cosmetic surgery.” He said, “No you did not.” – He wouldn’t believe me!

Maybe not everyone would offer up that info about having had surgery, but I have no qualms about sharing it.

I would recommend Dr. Paik to anyone.

I have an extremely high-level of confidence in Dr. Paik and his staff. I’m so pleased with how I look. I’m me only better. 

My recommendation to someone considering any type of cosmetic procedure would be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paik. I didn’t know we had his type of talent in Evansville.

If more people were aware that he is here and that he is as good as he is, the men and women of Evansville would keep him so busy he wouldn’t have time to do anything else.

– Beth