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Plastic Surgery—Past and Present

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Like most things, facial plastic surgery has undergone vast changes over the past hundred years. Although many people weren’t aware of plastic surgery until the 80s and 90s, it has actually been around much longer.

It’s important to know the advances in plastic surgery and the new techniques used that ensure now is the best time to get plastic surgery.

The Past

Plastic surgery itself became fully incorporated into the medical establishment sometime in the 1950s. The practice had been in existence long before, but it wasn’t until then that the medical world looked upon the specialization with the same professionalism as other practices. Facial plastic surgery occurred in many forms, including some that are more or less used today, but most work was customized and less standardized. Although there had been a number of facial surgery successes in the past, it wasn’t until plastic surgery as a whole became more popular and accessible in the 1980s and 1990s that facial surgery began to see more improvement.

The Present

Facial plastic surgery has grown dynamically in the past two decades. The focus is now on noninvasive procedures and quick recovery time, which has led to the development of fillers and other nonsurgical procedures. Due to rapidly evolving technology and medical developments, facial plastic surgeons can treat a much wider range of problems than ever before, and the results of facial plastic surgery are more effective than even just five years ago. Surgeons are also more apt to handle reconstructive surgery now, allowing for victims of facial trauma or defect to live easier lives.

What Hasn’t Changed

While advancements in practice have made facial plastic surgery cheaper, quicker and more effective than ever, a few components remain the same. One of these components is the psychological effect that facial plastic surgery has on the patient. Having cosmetic or revision surgery performed not only improves the overall appearance of the face, but also the level of self-esteem of the patient. Another unchanged element is the careful thought and planning that goes into each procedure. Although it’s important to have realistic expectations and careful consideration before your operation, you can rest assured knowing that the technology and standards associated with the medical field make now the best time ever for facial plastic surgery. If you are interested in a plastic surgery procedure, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon.