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“The whole experience was great!” Patient Testimonial

MFPS Testimonial 2

 Finding the Right Specialist

I had a cyst on the inside of my cheek that required surgery and was referred to Dr. Paik by my primary care physician, whom I have confidence and trust in.

 When I learned Dr. Paik was a head and neck surgeon and also facial plastic surgeon in Evansville, I talked to him about spider veins on my face.

  The surgery to treat the cyst went extremely well. Also, I just finished my last of three treatments in my Simply Young package to treat the spider veins and am very happy with the result.


Dr. Paik was very open and honest and was really good about answering my questions and setting reasonable expectations. He shared that your complexion and your skin make a difference in the result. The improvement is based on where your skin is starting from.


I really look first for the technical skill of my doctor or surgeon. But, then I also look at the personal side. Dr. Paik impressed me with the result he provided but also with his personality. He treated me like a friend – not stuffy. That goes a long way for me. 

Although he told me upfront that he couldn’t just make the veins go away, they look a lot better. My wife says that my skin even looks smoother.

A guy I work with told me he could tell a difference after the first treatment.

“Seriously, you look 5 to 7 years younger.” 

At 62, I’m not so vain that I need to hear compliments like that, but it does feels good for it to be noticed.


The whole atmosphere when you walk through the door of Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery was a great experience. It started with the first person who greeted me and then Angela. Everyone I met made it a positive experience. 

I saw how Dr. Paik interacted with his staff and nurses. He was very respectful and acknowledged the work of his team. That impressed me.

I would recommend Dr. Paik and Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery, as well as the Simply Young procedure. The whole experience was great!