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What can you expect from a rhinoplasty?

rhinoplasty nose job

The nose is arguably the most prominent feature of the face. The goal of a rhinoplasty (nose job) is to alter or reconstruct the nose in a way that promotes better facial harmony. A few key elements of the operation are listed below.

What you want to change

First and foremost you need to be certain that you’re receiving a rhinoplasty for yourself and not to please other people. As mentioned, the operation is used to better harmonize the face. While this reason is more typical, you may want a rhinoplasty for medical reasons (to fix breathing issues or realign breathing canals, etc.) or to improve the results of a previous procedure with revision rhinoplasty, another option at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery. 


Before the operation can be done, you’ll need to schedule a consultation at our office in Evansville, Indiana with Dr. Paik. This step is important to perform a thorough examination of the nose and face and decide which operation would be best for your needs. Dr. Paik may recommend additional or different procedures to achieve the look you desire, such as chin surgery.

Expectations of surgery

Contrary to some media stereotypes, you can’t simply pick out someone’s nose (e.g. Brad Pitt). The rhinoplasty is different for each individual due to a number of factors. The thickness of one’s skin, the strength of cartilage in the nose, gender, ethnicity, as well as previous breathing patterns all play a role in the operation results. At your consultation, Dr. Paik will use digital photo enhancement and simulation software to show you a true representation of what surgery can do. You’ll have the confidence of seeing before + proposed after results of the surgery. Additionally, the swelling and proper healing of scar tissue is different for everyone and nearly impossible to predict until it is actually occurring. 

After the surgery

You will experience mild to moderate pain after the operation, but this can usually be eased by either over-the-counter medication or prescription medication if needed. Bruising and swelling around the eyes is also common. Your nose and sinuses will be congested after the surgery, but it is crucial to refrain from blowing your nose until Dr. Paik gives you clearance. Your nasal tissue will continue to heal and refine, sometimes over a year after the surgery. It takes several months for swelling to dissipate, but after the initial weeks after surgery, it is hardly noticeable to anyone. Due to continued healing, final results from rhinoplasty can take up to a year. 

Cosmetic vs. medical insurance pricing—am I covered?

Typically, insurance companies cover, or at least partially cover, medical operations (i.e. surgery conducted to alleviate breathing problems). However, it is very rare that they will cover cosmetic operations (change the outside appearance of the nose). In cases where both types of operation are being conducted at the same time, the patient almost always has to pay for the additional fees associated with the cosmetic portion of the operation. It is difficult to give an approximate price for the operation, as each surgery is unique, so the best method to obtain a price is during the initial consultation with Dr. Paik after a thorough evaluation.

Interested in a rhinoplasty? Learn more about nose surgery procedures. And, schedule your no-obligation consultation at Midwest Facial Plastic Surgery—Evansville’s premiere facial plastic surgery center—by calling 812-469-3434.