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Why winter can be the best time for plastic surgery

Inner beauty

Summertime parties, sleek swimsuits and make-up free skin may be the motivating force to seek the enhanced look you desire through plastic surgery, but summer really isn’t the best time to undergo a surgical procedure.

Here’s why…


While each procedure is different, a surgical procedure does require down time. And, who wants to be cooped up in fabulous weather with the sun shining? Opt for the lull in your schedule during winter months. Our patients also find that it’s simply easier to lie around without hassle during the cold. 

If you’re looking to improve the way you look and feel with little or no downtime, our non-surgical procedures may be the best route for you.


Exposure to the sun can increase time to heal. The sun also increases scarring. We always advise wearing sunscreen, but staying inside is simply the best way to shield yourself from rays.

More to think about

  • The Gift of Care and Beauty. The holiday season is a great time for skincare gifts. And just after the busy and often stressful holiday period is a great time to indulge and relax at home. It’s not uncommon for husband and wives to give the gift of plastic surgery. Many times friends, couples, mothers and daughters will come in for BOTOX or other treatments together. 
  • What’s Best for You. So, while it’s just fine to have your procedure done in summer, winter is often a more comfortable time for patients.

Keep in mind plenty of non-surgical treatment options are available to firm skin, smooth wrinkles, and may achieve the results you desire. By scheduling a consultation, Dr. Paik will help you determine the appropriate treatment option.

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